Nature Kids educational school program from 11am to 4pm, Monday – Friday starting September 8th

-Drop off at 12pm (We have 4 locations on the westside)
-Drive to our location in Nature. In the van we will have “story time”.
-At our location in Nature we will have lunch.
-After lunch we will have project and free play/exploration time:
Projects include Yarn, wood whittling, primitive skills like basket weaving, tools making, building…
Free play and exploration when the children can have unstructured child led imaginative play.
-We will also provide journaling (writing, or drawing) in their nature journal.
-On the return in Van we will have “story time”
-Pick up at 5pm (Same location you dropped your child off)

Tuition per day based on number of days attended per week. You will have to sign up for an entire month at a time and same days/week for the entire month. You will be billed monthly. We encourage you sign up for the semester to ensure your child’s spot, as demand is very high.

1 day/week: $85/day
2 day/week: $75/day
3 days/week: $65/day
4-5 days/week: $60/day
(siblings get a 5% discount)

To comply with CDC/city/state COVID regulations: 
You will have to take your Childs temperature before leaving your house and bringing them to camp. 
If your child has a temperature or shows any signs of flu or fatigue, you will keep them home. 
Children, teachers are required to wear masks in the van and pick up and drop off. Once we are out in nature, no masks are required. Caregivers/parents need to wear masks at pick and drop off. 
You will have to provide your child with their own snacks, lunch, and water. Teachers will carry water to fill the children’s water bottles. There will be no sharing of food.

(If you do not want your child to go in the van you have the option to drive in your car. You will have to meet us at drop-off and follow the van to the location in nature).

To reserve a spot, please email:
-Your child’s name 
-what grade will he/she be entering
-How many days a week would you like ? and which days ?

-Your telephone and email.

*To discuss any suggestions and comments on daily schedule outlined above, curriculum….please email Christopher at or call 909-809-4751


  • Your child’s name
  • What grade will they be entering
  • How many days a week would you like? and which days?
  • Your telephone and email?

School Hours

M-F: 8:30am – 1:30pm
Aftercare offered!

Phone & Email