About Our Nature School

At our Nature School, we believe kids belong immersed in nature. It’s where we play, feel, smell, touch, think, observe, reflect, and learn at our best. In the wild, our senses awaken through an immersive experience. We are alert and connected to each other and the world around us. We are mindful, present, and full of love in the awe of nature. We embrace our ever-changing environment. We overcome obstacles. We face fears. Our imaginations blossom. We create. We ask questions. We get a little messy. We are wild. We are inspired. We are all connected.

Nature School

Our Campus, A Natural Classroom

We advocate for our children’s birthright to have chunks of unstructured blocks of time for free play in nature as part of their busy weekly schedules. When they aren’t in free play, we structure inquiry-based learning in outdoor learning spaces.

L.A. Nature Kids awakens a passion for learning through the powerful connection to nature, connections with other children, and ourselves that we are all born with. We offer a truly formative experience by spending time in nature that children will carry with them far beyond the program. Creative experiences, cooperative learning, and adventures take place in a new location every day– the local mountains, forests, canyons, and the coastal environment of the beaches of Santa Monica and Malibu.

The Santa Monica Mountains are home to some of the most beautiful scenery and wildlife in Southern California. The area is also known for its rich multicultural history.

We take our children into these natural settings so they can play, explore and learn through hands-on learning during outdoor activities. We offer a developmentally appropriate Preschool Program, After School, and Day Camp. Age requirements depend on the program.

nature school
Nature School

Nature School Community

LA Nature Kids has grown to a community comprised of over five hundred families who have experienced this beneficial learning experience. We’ve also created leadership opportunities training teachers on the outdoor learning model of the Forest School curriculum. As a result, many similar nature school programs have sprung up in the West Los Angeles Area second to ours in Santa Monica.

Our core teachers have extensive training, education and experience giving children an incredible learning experience. They have worked in traditional, progressive, and Reggio Emilia inspired schools before joining our team. These include Palisade Preschool, First Preschool, The First School, Clarefontaine, First Year and Crossroads.

Our community teachers are people who are passionate creative loving people who have experience around the world with a natural ability and desire to teach children as mentors.

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Preschool Program

Sign your child up for our program that envelops both discovery and exploration. LA Nature Kids focus on developing skills such as creativity, communication, collaboration, cooperation, and critical thinking.

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Day Camps

Enroll your child today for nature day camp sessions. We offer sessions throughout the school year including summer camp, spring and winter break! We explore the beaches of Southern California, the Santa Monica Mountains and in between. Get in touch for the best program for school breaks.

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LA Nature Kids is  in Santa Monica serving all of West los angeles.

All kids are welcome.

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Clover Park in Santa Monica address:
2600 Ocean Park Blvd
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