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School might be closed but nature is always open!

We offer nature day camp throughout the school year including summer camp, spring and winter break! We serve families in the West Los Angeles area and explore the beaches of Southern California, the Santa Monica Mountains and in between. If your school in West Los Angeles is closed for any reason we can help you organize a day camp. LA Nature Kids offers a safe environment with a wide range of outdoor activities for children aged 5 to 12 years old.

day camps

What does the day camp experience look like?

The children are dropped off from 9:30 to 10 am. At 10am we have a circle to welcome new campers to the camp community and tell them what the day will look like. We discuss our interests, interactive activities, and location options for the day. After circle we have a bathroom break. Then it’s time to get seated and buckled in the vans!

Our route usually takes us along Pacific Coast Highway. Either to a beach in Malibu or into the Santa Monica canyons and mountains. It takes us about 30 to 40 minutes to get to our destination.

Lunch is usually had around 12 noon and snack around 2:30pm. Our camp culture allows children to have access to their food and clothing all day.

Our day camps have a staff to child ratio of 6 kids maximum to one adult, this allows us to create small groups of different interests and skills.

day camps
day camps
day camps

Camp Day at the Beaches

Each beach we visit has different interests. For example, the ancient volcano “Point Dume” with its ragged cliffs, Sea Lion colony, whales, and marine birds.  Some of us will explore, and others will mine for minerals. Some will participate in arts activities making art and jewelry integrating what we find in nature like sand, shells, feathers, minerals, and rocks. Some will play in the waves and others just play at the water edge always under the vigilant eye of an adult camp counselor. The beaches offer a wide range of day camp activities for our Nature kids.



Camp Day in the Mountains

The mountains have the forest to shade us, creeks to explore, water holes to swim in, sandstone caves and many other qualities which make it an ideal camp setting. There we might find clay under the roots of an old oak tree by river bank. We will then practice our primitive skills by harvesting the clay, and finding a grinding hole in which we will pound the clay into powder with a rock. Then add water from the creek and make a bowl, a sculpture or use it as sunscreen.
Other activities for children in the Mountains include:

  • Exploring, tracking, making tools, spears and bows.
  • Arts with colored rocks or watercolors.
  • Make a piece of nature jewelry, with an interesting piece of wood, rock, flower.
  • We also might just want to chill in the hammock in the shade of the trees.
  • Foraging in the canyon and learning what is edible, what is medicine, what is poison.

These are just some examples of our activities for children; our Day Camps continue to evolve.

Summer Adventures in Santa Monica, exciting summer camp experiences!

LA Nature Kids summer day camp for children create exciting adventures full of educational activities through nature. We also provide a supportive environment for the introverted child. A Nature Day Camp is truly the best choice for the development of children as nature adventures teach our kids a multitude of skills.

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Preschool Program

Sign your child up for our program that envelops both discovery and exploration. LA Nature Kids focus on developing skills such as creativity, communication, collaboration, cooperation, and critical thinking.

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Day Camps

Enroll your child today for nature day camp sessions. We offer sessions throughout the school year including summer camp, spring and winter break! We explore the beaches of Southern California, the Santa Monica Mountains and in between. Get in touch for the best program for school breaks.

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